UKBA are football consultants whom have teamed up with Football experts in the UK to create a vibrant European based football website platform called with a particular focus on key aspects of football outside of the mainstream commercial clubs and players.

The services are divided into key areas which cover various stages of a football player’s development including; marketing and promoting, search, find and basic transfers in the grass roots and amateur leagues.

Pele, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Messi and Co, these are iconic names that football fans idolise and imitate in areas of the football pitch and beyond.

The creators of (otherwise known as L.M.F.C) believe that it is time for football supporters and lovers of the game to stand up and love themselves and their achievements, or at least support and share their friends or children’s football endeavours no matter how large or small.

A new revolution has been ‘forged’ via the dedication of several football fans called ‘Love My Football’, which is a concept that celebrates the many unrecognised contributors who play and support the very core of the ‘Beautiful Game’ from all over the world. So now everyone can; search, contact, advertise, promote and talk about their football career or someone else’s.