SERVICES will be a support tool that will allow the brightest talents to acquire new fans from all over the world, even the smallest clubs to find new talent, the best young coaches to attach themselves to teams. The purveyors of the website believe that charity begins at home and therefore people should learn to love their footballing achievements or that of their family members first, this will people them to appreciate the talents of the big stars in a more holistic manner.

Love My Football believes that supporting the global network of young professionals, amateurs, grassroots coaches and small team managers will elevate the next genre of football fans in a much more defined manner.

So what can fans and members alike expect from this football Mecca;

  • Players will be able to load all of their personal details
  • Players will be able to load and add current club history
  • Players will be able to add football pictures
  • Players will be able to add latest football videos, to ensure maximum flexibility and sharing several video media sites will be able to link to the platform allowing for holistic sharing
  • Players will be able to control an events calendar and thereby add their latest match dates etc
  • Players will be able to make other footballers, coaches and managers their network friends and thereby communicate with on a regular basis
  • Players will be able to form individual groups such as amateur associations, fan clubs, movements such as ‘stop diving in the amateur game’ etc
  • Players will be able to share their pages and posts to numerous social media sites
  • Players will be able to post up daily tricks images etc
  • Players will be able to invite members from various locations, such as facebook, email addresses etc
  • Players will possess the full ability to change the look of their personal page including images etc
  • Each player will possess a URL direct to their own page
  • Each member will also possess the ability to receive messages and requests from various contacts
  • The ability to block online trolls etc will be retained